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New Top Gear Stig


With the new Top Gear season just around the corner in early 2011, it seems like the hunt for the new Stig is over. As shown in this video, the new Stig is the cream of the crop. This comes after Jeremy Clarkson put a spoof ad in his column in The Sun newspaper for the new Stig:


“The successful applicant need not speak English, or indeed any language at all, but he or she must hate Boy Scouts, be able to punch a horse to the ground, have eyes that blink sideways and, most important of all, understand that no one, under any circumstances, should ever rat on their friends,” it read.


So now it all starts again, Who is the Stig? Reports have said that racing driver Phil Keen could be up for the position as he has stood in for Ben Collins on previous Top Gear episodes, but some say that the new Stig … could be a woman…





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